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Total HTML Converter to convert HTML files to another standard formats
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Total HTML Converter offers to convert any HTM or HTML document or web site to many other standard file formats such as MS Office Word DOC, XLS, JPG, TIFF, Adobe Acrobat PDF, and plain text. When FLASH is included in the web page to be converted, the application will create a screenshot for showing it in another file format.

This program supports batch conversion to create all the output files with a single mouse click. The application user interface will show all the original HTML files and the user can select (check) all (s)he might desire to convert, and tell the application to convert all of them at once.

First user determines what type of files (in the displayed directory) should be converted, by selecting the filter for suitable files: html, htm and mht, only one of these types (htm, html or mht), or also can select all types of files.

Then the user selects or checks the files to convert, and selects the output file format.

After that, each output file format has options to be chosen:

- For DOC files, paper size, paper orientation and make it to fit page size.
- For PDF and TIFF, user can decide to keep every image into a separate file or all of them combined into a single file.
- For XLS, JPG, TXT or RTF, to keep original folder structure or not.

When printing HTML tables, the application offers the useful option "Fit HTML Width to the chosen PDF-Page-Size".

With the Command line possibility, user can convert files directly from other user application. The program includes a good 'Command line tutorial'.

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